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Husband Desire 1&2

Written By NollywoodRave on Saturday, June 2, 2012 | 6:08 PM

A JJ Bunny Production presents
(Also renamed The Bet) but i watched it as Husband Desire.

Angela makes a bet with three of her friends to prove to them that men are all the same, born to cheat. This bet takes a turn for the worse and she discovers what fate truly has in store for her

Genre: Drama
Directed By: Gordon Uche
Written By: JJ Bunny
© 2011



JJ Bunny

Ekemini Akpabio

Never in my right mind would i willingly pick up a JJ Bunny film and pay for it with my own money. It's like paying to be frustrated. Why? Because one, she cannot act, her English is just not cutting it and yet she always feel the need to act in her films. If you have ever watched any of her movie, you realize that the story line is not bad at all, but her lace wearing, poor acting, friends combined with low camera quality kills the script. Casting does not work for her in any of her movies and the sooner she realizes this, the better for her. The only reason this movie gets 2 stars is because it was actually watchable. I didn't feel the need to pull at my hair or bit my nails a lot. The acting was still bad but the script over powered it. The powerful ending and complexity of how it all turned out was the only thing that saved the script. A little combined with the fact that the actors did slightly better and JJ Bunny's acting was not that scary. I still maintain that you have to be prepared to watch a film like this, both physically and emotionally because you can do it. Otherwise you will end up quitting half way and haunted for the rest of the day. trust me, I've had experiences with her movies before.

Breaking it Down!
Van Vicker:
Gone are those days i sat and drooled over the hot new light bobo on my screen, that days i watched all of his movie out at the time over a period of 3 days. Now that my eyes have been opened i realize how poor of an actor Van is. Is it only me or does he seem to get worse and worse. As if no on will open their mouth and advice him to go to acting school. I give him a 2.4 out of 5
JJ Bunny:
*sigh* where should i start from? The fact that she can't act or the fact that she can't talk? First of all, if you already speak bad english, there's no way you can or should attempt to speak as an American. Thats a disaster waiting to happen. Secondly, just because you produce and live in America does not give you right to act in your movie. Producers produce and Actors act. Point. Blank. Period. I give her a 1 of 5 stars and that 1 is for being able to write.

The constant panning of her camera creates a lot of static that affects her audio quality. I always wonder if she has a legit crew or a bunch of amateurs running around with digital cameras.
Like i said, bunch of amateurs running around with a camera.
I always wondered why they let the actors/ actresses come on the screen looking a mess. I always also wondered about JJ Bunny's lace front weave and why her stylist kept doing that to her. Until i saw this and now i understand. -----> Wardrobe: Jungle Bunny Production.
*sigh* I don't even know if they cast or if she brings her friends and one Nollywood stars that happens to be visiting the United States.

This movie was all about the bet that Angel made with her girlfriends. A bet that was meant to prove that even so called "fateful" men were truly lusting at heart. The interaction between the females were so fake and annoying. At some points in the movie, the acting got better but 90% was crap. The ending was a bit dramatic and highly unpredictable. You never know what could happen. i really liked the way she closed it up.
This movie was supposed to have romance but it was so rushed that there wasn't enough time to build up on it. The last scene you can see a flair or spark between JJ Bunny and her Friend.

Memorable Quotes:
"Look i'm a guy, we never get things right."
"Desiring more than one woman is something that's written in a man's DNA"

Favorite Scene: The scene where JJ Bunny tries her trick on a pastor. 
"*Looks at JJ Bunny's dress* *Begins to sing* What a friend we have in Jesus."

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