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Moments before his marriage, Charly decides to confront his fiancee, Vicky about a photograph. As Charly discovers the harmless nature of the photograph, a secret of his own manifest leading to a feeling of confusion and betrayal. As Charly reveals his past to Vicky, She must decide whether or not she can forgive him and continue the wedding or close the chapter of their relationship.

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Suspence
Directed By: John Uche
Written By: Andrew Young
© 2010
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Veeda Darko

Chet Anekwe

After a much needed break from nollywood movies, this movie was the only interesting flim that i thought myself to be in the right mind to watch. When it started off, i was a bit nervous because the whole film takes place in one setting and pans around only one "major" conflict. There was not really a lot to work with and not a lot to really expand on. Nevertheless, the film was a good watch. The director really made it work, first by making it only one part, and second by avoiding unnecessary prolonging. To some, the movie could be a tad slow, and to other it will be alright. For me, the way it was written required it to me a tad sloe in order to give the audience a bit of suspense and anxiety. The second reason the film worked is because of great casting. Everyone was on point, ranging from major to minor characters. The only character i had a problem with was vicky's mother. A comment i heard when i was watching it (with family of course) was "abeg calm down jorrr you are her mother not sister." The movie was a good watch, i think it was more comedic that romantic. It only comes in one part so it doesn't require a large amount of time, and of course the sexy Ramsey Nouah is in it so go grab your copies.

Breaking it Down!
Ramsey Nouah:
As i always say, this man is beyond talented...blah blah blah, same thing i always say. He was the reason i picked up this movie to watch (and a little of the plot) abi even say the movie no good, i no dey mad na cuz the man fine no be small. Na lie? I give him 4 of 5 Stars.
Veeda Darko:
This is the first time i am watching one of her film. The comment when i first put in the movie was "ah an na who be the gal" lol. Trust Naija Families na. But as the movie progressed, she really showed herself. She was graceful, convincing; i believe she is very underrated. I give her 4 of 5 Stars.
Chet Anekwe:
Just like Veeda, this was my first time for him too. The man is hillarious, just by looking at his face, i can literally burst out laughing. He made the movie, no lie. I really enjoyed him on my screen and will be looking out for him. I give him 3 1/2 Stars of 5 Stars.

I had a very huge problem with audio, no matter how high i turned up my volume, it was as if the characters were mumbling their words. You can understand what they say, but from time to time there's the litle "huh?" "What did Ramsey say?" 
The Visual started off alright but it was as if as the time went by their camera quality began to decrease. The movie got a tad blurry and shaky.
I loved Ramsey's suit and Veeda's wedding dress, but there was a HUGE problem. In the wedding scene why do the bridesmaid look like ogbanje (Translation: witch) Who decided to put them with blond weave, red dress, and gold eye shadow. Na so dey dey do? Tufiakwa. Fashion fail
Casting can make or break a movie, and this one definitely made it.

To see a couple actually face a very realistic problem made the movie more romatic. I know there are women out there that can relate to this film. It was sweet, cute, and nice. Ramsey's character is the man that every woman wants and deserves but unfortunately there's not enough of them to go around. There was some "aww" and "how cute" moment in the movie but it wasn't a lot to make it one of those dry, typical nollywood love movies.
This movie was more comedic than it was anything else. That was great because it lightens the mood instead of just having pure drama or pure romance. it was a Romantic Comedy.
Towards the end, the suspense was much. As in so much, you cannot predict the ending and even if you do, you will not be 100% accurate.

Memorable Quotes:
"How about a quickie...you know something to keep our body and soul together." - Ramsey
"Whether it's you two or Walter, someone is getting married today." - Veeda's mother
"One little indiscretion will not take you to your grave" - Walter (Smh! Men sef)

Favorite Scene: I really enjoyed the conversation between Ramsey Nouah and Chet Anekwe in the hotel room when he finds the picture.

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