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Ruth Kadiri on Love, Life, and Nollywood

Written By NollywoodRave on Tuesday, January 24, 2012 | 9:47 PM

NollywoodRave: I am here today with the beautiful and talented, Ruth Kadiri.
Hello dear, thank you for granting Nollywood Rave this interview. So hows life treating you so far?
Ruth: God has been faithful!

NollywoodRave: 2011 was a very hard year for Nollywood, wouldn’t you say?
Ruth: No I wouldn’t ! precious lives were lost but hard isn’t the word to use!

NollywoodRave: So when i watched Heart of a fighter, it blew my mind. i was amazed to find that a person so new to the industry could be so talented as you. what motivated you to to join the industry?
Ruth: My love for the art… and I saw it as an avenue to express my God given talent!

NollywoodRave: who do you look up to most in the industry? who would you love to act with in the future?
Ruth: I’d love to act with colleagues who appreciate my talent enough to work with me!

NollywoodRave: i am aware that you screen played Heart of a fighter, an exceptional movie, which included Mercy Johnson, Ramsey Noah, Chika Ike, basically a great cast. How did you get all these people to have faith in you as a new comer?
Ruth: it wasn’t RUTH KADIRI who was presented to them it was my craft… and my work spoke for me! and I mustn’t forget to add that there where people who believed in me when no one else gave me a chance… and these are Stanley Eboninne, Ifeanyi Ogbonna. I must say I am thankful to them!

NollywoodRave: What other movies have you screen-played or acted in?
Ruth: (smiles) lots am just going to mention a few that i’ve screen-played (written) wild and dirty, battle for pride, sincerity, fear not, mad sex, queen of the jungle, ladies men,ladies gang,burning tears, heart of a fighter,rain drop,every woman, phobia, series of love and a host of others yet to be realeased.

NollywoodRave: List five things about you that would make you successful in the industry?
Ruth: For by strength shall not no man prevail!

NollywoodRave: Strong christian , i see. Kadiri, i like the name, what part of Nigeria are you from?
Ruth: Edo state… Ehor to be prescise!

NollywoodRave: I assume you are not married, but is there a man in the picture?
Ruth: Assumptions are welcome love!(laughs loudly)

NollywoodRave: Do you think it is hard for people in the industry to find a man willing to love the real them?
Ruth: No I don’t think so!

NollywoodRave: what was your first movie and you break out role?
Ruth: Boys Cot was my first!

NollywoodRave: I loved your attitude in Heart of a fighter, you played Ramsey's younger sister. How did you connet with your character to give us the fiestiness i saw on screen?
Ruth: ( laughs) I have no idea! I guess I just followed my script!

NollywoodRave: What kind of roles do you like to play?
Ruth: As a writer, every character is important to me! So trust me when I say no exceptions to my choice of roles

NollywoodRave: where do you see yourself five years from now?
Ruth: Making RUTH KADIRI an amazing brand!

NollywoodRave: One of the biggest topics now is pornography in our movies. Do you see yourself doing a pornographic scene?
Ruth: I’d love details of what you mean by pornography!(winks)

NollywoodRave: Even if you love the story and it was only one scene, would you do it?
Ruth: Do what? Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Stop asking trick questions young lady!

NollywoodRave: (laughs) Tell me about yourself. your family, your morals?
Ruth: I am from a humble family, my parents myself and my kid sister! And i’ve grown to realize that there is no life without GOD!

NollywoodRave: How many siblings do you have?
Ruth: One, just my sister!

NollywoodRave: Are they all supportive of your career choice?
Ruth: Yes, my family is very much in support of it!

NollywoodRave: Is there any movie projects going on right now?
Ruth: yes there are!

NollywoodRave: Can you tell us about it?
Ruth: I am doing a screenplay for a cinema movie asides other scripts I’ve got on my table! And a really huge project am working on with a production house from newyork!

NollywoodRave: I really love you work, and i can see as one of the people to help Nollywood in the future.
Ruth: (laughs) what am I suppose to say to that? Thanks!

NollywoodRave: Now before we round up, i want to ask you ten questions and you have to answer at the top of your head?
Ruth: awwwh here comes jamb! Ai’ight shoot!

NollywoodRave: (chuckles) What is your favorite movie of all time?
Ruth: Basic instinct!(Sharon stone)

NollywoodRave: who do you yearn to work with the most in the industry?
Ruth: its not about the actor its about the character!(the script)

NollywoodRave: Who is your Nollywood Crush?
Ruth:I won’t answer that

NollywoodRave: (Grins) they always ignore that question. Describe yourself in one word?
Ruth: Deep

NollywoodRave: Give me one trait in people you hate the most?
Ruth: Lies! i hate it when people close to me cant trust me enough to tell me the truth!

NollywoodRave: What makes you happy?
Ruth: Playing with my puppies… and laughing out loud when my girlfriends teases me! I love laughter…. You wanna be my friend, have a good sense of humour

NollywoodRave: Hope you all noted that. What would you rate the industry right now?
Ruth: Growing!

NollywoodRave: You invented this word, “Puchu”. What does it mean?
Ruth:PuchuPuchu’ means something fluffy, like a teddy bear something you can cuddle! It’s a name a special person calls me… especially when am about to me teased! (laughs) I think its really cute! So I deiced to share half of it with my friends…

NollywoodRave: Mmm dis one wey u say special person ehh....Who is your favorite actor or actress?
Ruth: There are so many people I just adore mentioning a name wont work for my conscience!

NollywoodRave: You won most supporting actress, Heart of a fighter was nominated for best movie, and also won best kiss from Nollywood Rave. How does that make you feel?
Ruth: Great! Encouraged! and thankful!

NollywoodRave: Anything else you want us to know? or you would like to say to your fans?
Ruth: I appreciate your love and please never judge me based on what you see on screen except the laughter part ciao!

NollywoodRave: Thank you for joining me today Ruth, it was great having you.
Ruth: Anytime Puchu (winks)

That was Ruth Kadiri, everyone. I will definitely be waiting for her new releases and you should too. For those of you that have not checked out her movies, be sure to. You will not regret it. For more on her, you can follow her on twitter @ruthkadiri .

Also, be sure to check in on us for more interviews, gist, and upcoming movies. For instant updates, follow us on twitter @nollywoodrave . Ciao!
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  1. I love Ruth Kadiri, especially her screenplays. It is a bit different from the regular ones we see in Nolly. I do want her to step it up a notch.

  2. I like her. She mentions no names, classy!

  3. This lady is extraordinary believe me she is a mega star,role model to society. U are blessed.

  4. Ruth my mum's namesake,I love her,her stature,her screenplay,she is a role model,a screen diva,she is beautiful:Wish her the best nd success.


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