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Sitting on your Blessing

Written By Chisom A. on Saturday, September 24, 2011 | 10:47 PM

I hold Grudges...End of story! I believe in an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and a slap for a slap. Maybe even two slap for one sef. Last week, a friend of mine misinterpreted a look I sent her direction and got upset at me. She started ignoring me, so i did the same, even times 2. I planned to hold on to this grudge for weeks or until she tire talk to me. You see, i do not like to give in, i will hold on to that grudge til i have nothing else to hold on too. Well enough about me...Oya Lets Talk

Everyone quarrels with those they love, strangers, colleagues.. Its a Human thing, i guess. But we take the quarrels too far when we start holding grudges. We don't want to give in, neither does the other person, and soon the friendship is done. At times Grudges last so long, we forget what the quarrel was about in the first place.We all need to learn how to let go and that how "the big word" comes in. One big word that people do not like to hear is FORGIVE.  I do notknow why it is so hard for people to forgive, maybe its our egos or our thoughts on what others will think of us.
Some People (including me) don't like to forgive because we think we are always right. Some do not want to forgive because of their egos or what their friends will think of them. Others Plainly don't want to let go.
One thing we all do not realize is that when we do not forgive,we are hurting ourselves and not them. You stay up at night planning how you go show them pepper wen you see them, or how you can make their lives miserable. So let me say it again FORGIVENESS IS NOT FOR THEM BUT FOR YOU. When you forgive, you do not give yourself unnecessary stress nor do you sit on your blessing. Yes i said it! When you do not forgive, you are sitting on your blessing.
When you do not forgive your fellow brothers and sisters, you stand in the way of God's Blessing in your life. Look it up in the Bible. Your Heart is full or anger, deceit, and revenge...again Standing in the way of your blessings. When you forgive, you let go, and eventually you forget about the problem.You do not stress yourself over little matters, and begin concentrating on bigger issues in your life. A little wave, a smile, a nod, is all it takes to forgive someone.(Even if the other person does not forgive you, they cannot help but admire what you did.) When we start doing these little things, we start letting go, the stress leaves, and before you know it your life will be going great. Biko, una i no dey say dat God go give you lotto, give you car, money, and house o. I am saying that you will have peace and God will bless you in many ways.You may begin to progress in your job, Find love, and much more. So when you forgive, not only do you let go, but you also inherit Gods Blessings.
Yes even if you know how to forgive, you are still going to quarrel with others. Just make sure the quarrel does not get to far. Agree to disagree, admit defeat, walk away, or plainly tell them you do not want to quarrel. Quarrels can lead to grudges. Grudges can lead to divorce (in a married couple), seperation (of friends or family), anger, sucide, and much more. So remember to forgive. By now you should know that FORGIVENESS IS NOT FOR OTHER BUT FOR YOU.

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  1. Great piece from u sister!
    God bless u for this!
    LOVE U SISTERGreat piece from u sister!
    God bless u for this!

  2. First off, thanks for being candid about this. Forgiveness is not easy; it is actually a process and you have to work on it everyday until it is complete (hopefully the same person will not vex you again before that process is complete sha). But it has to be done for your sake.

    I once heard someone say that "Unforgiveness is like pouring poison into a cup for someone else to drink, but drinking it yourself" (paraphrased). I think that sums it up.


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