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Ramsey Nouah vs. Van Vicker

Written By Chisom A. on Monday, September 26, 2011 | 6:30 PM

Van Vicker

Ramsey Nouah

Everyone goes on and on about what a talented actor Van Vicker is, but im very curious to know if you are actually judging on his acting or his appearance?

My man, Ramsey Nouah, is a very talented actor, so i dont care if you were hooked by his looks or acting! Bottom line is he is a great actor.

So why the need for this post? Because i am tired of people comparing Van to Ramsey. You cannot compare   gold (Ramsey) to plastic (Van), they are just not on the same level. Because, No matter how shiny or well kept plastic is, it can never have the value of gold.
Before i get started let me say two things
1. They are both HAPPILY married which i love.
2. These are my opinions so its nothing personal.
Now we can get started:

Yes! i was once one of you all, drooling over the light skinned ghananian bobo. Infact, i was so in love that i watched all his movies avaliable at that time.I was Hooked, i no see no oda perrson but Van. Chai! my heart was skipping beats.
 Then I read an article in which Van *supposedly* called My girl, "The Queen of Nollywood" herself, A whole Genevieve Nnaji, a BITCH!

 *Record Scratching* *Rewind* Yes, i said it. He called her a Bitch!
It was like my eyes were opened and i was born again. I couldnt believe it. A newbie calling a classic, a bitch.I had finally seen it all! Then i started actually looking at his acting instead of his looks. He was still a fine bobo, and trust me i was still kind of admiring his looks. Then, was it just me or did he start loosing his charm? Lost his sexy slim face! Lost his Abs! Lost my admiration. All that was left was his acting.

When i watched another movie of his, i felt stupid. I had been putting up with his crap in movies just because of his looks. Hours and Money wasted just because of stupid admiration. 
Van's acting annoys me. He emphasizes unimportant words, talks in a way that annoys me, and he always has this look on his face. I think he should stick to Romance and Romance only. The rest of his movies are crap! Pure Crap! Oh his romance movies are semi-crap but i can put up with it. I feel like Van Vicker has grown worse in the industry rather than better.

On the other hand we have Ramsey Nouah! Who remembers "My Love", a very old nigerian move? Well if you don't, i do! I loved that movie, and that was the only Nigerian Movie of Ramsey i liked. He was always the player, lover boy, woman wrapper, love idiot, so i was not really feeling his movies. I was into the Witch-craft, Juju, Patience Ozokwo type movies, but i still watched Ramsey's movies, so i knew for a fact that he was a great actor. So the years went by, traditional movie themes began to fade, and romance was in the air. I began to watch Ramsey movies and i was glued to my chair. God took his time to make Ramsey Nouah for sure. Such beauty, grace, and talent in one man? He no fit share with the rest of us?

My love for him began and so did my quest for more of his movies. I loved the realness in his film and the passion...It was just so beautiful. Then i found out he was married with kids and my love grew stonger. I found myself praying for God to keep his marriage. Why? Because he deserves it. All these years of beautiful acting and recieving praises, he never let his ego get to his head. I know that women throw themselves at him, yet he kept to himself. MAKE I MAKE AM CLEAR, MY LOVE FOR RAMSEY NA STRICTLY FOR HIS MOVIES O! MAKE UA NO START RUBBISH VEX ME O! Well anyway i have so much love and respect for Ramsey. 

Ramsey has Looks, Personality, brains (always in amazing movies) and real talents, while Van Vicker is a egostitical newbie who needs to calm down and take it one step at a time. He needs to learn the ropes of Nollywood/Ghallywood. He needs to know that looks cannot get you everywhere!

So now you know why Van cannot be compared to Ramsey, Just like you cannot compare Genevieve to Nadia Buari...Its a Insult!

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  1. I highly doubt that he called her a bitch though, never trust Nigerian/African paparazzi. They are all just a bunch of jobless yellow journalists looking for a way to steer up trouble where there is none. Experience has taught me that

  2. @Nollywood REinvented Gbam! Thats why i went back and put *supposedly*. Before i bring gbosa on my head

  3. I would pick Ramsey Noah over Van Vicker anyday. Ramsey is just a better actor than Van, in my opinion. As to what Van allegedly said, I hope it is not true.

    On another note, I just passed the "One Lovely Blog Award" on to you. Please check my blog for more details. All the best!


  4. @The Relentless Builder I hope it isnt either.
    Wow, Im amazed. Thanks a lot, hun.


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