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Pleasure Boosters 1&2 / Escort Service 1&2 (Sequel)

Written By Chisom A. on Saturday, September 17, 2011 | 1:52 PM


Desmond is married to Dianne and since they lack passion in bed, he goes astray in their marriage by seeking escorts. Coincidentally, his wife Dianne runs an escort service and fate brings him to her as a client. Eventually their marriage fails, but Dianne is not willing to let go. Find out what happens next as things get complicated and how far she is willing to go in order to keep her marriage.
Genre: Drama, Action, Romance, Comedy
Directed By: Nonso Emekaekwe
Story: Onyekachukwu Afube

Uche Jombo

Jim Iyke

Funke Akindele

Ken Erics Ugo

Sylvia Edem

Sugar C. Asoegwu

When i first started watching this movie, i loved it. It was so funny, each scene was unpredictable, i was really feeling it. Only to find out it had a sequel which totally killed, butchered, and destroyed the high rating i had for this movie. The director lost all sense of direction and the script diverted from its original ideas and turned into a flop.

Breaking it Down!
Jim Iyke:

This guy has always been a great actor to me, but recently he's starting to backslide. His acting was alright, but he could have definitely done better. Most of the time, I even forgot it was him; they seriously could have used a nobody to play his part & it still would have been interesting. The producers wasted their money by hiring him, since he's an A-list actor. 
As much as i love him, i have to tell the truth. We used to watch movies just for him, but this movie was an epic fail. He needs to bounce back & bring his A game, because his acting in this movie was such a disappointment. It's like he wasn't feeling this movie at all, he pretty much just read his lines with no conviction at all. Because he lacked his charm, we give him 2.5 of 5 stars.
Uche Jombo:

What can i say, this lady has never disappointed me, and I hope this continues. I know she'll always be a great actress & that she's going places. I loved how she easily played different personalities in this movie. She was the one to put some life into this movie, because some scenes were so dry. This lady is so talented, and because of that we give her a 3.9 of 5 stars.
Funke Akindele:

The queen of Yoruba movies herself. Even though we're not Yoruba, we would sit down and watch the movie, just because of this lady right here. she is so amazingly talented. She played her role in this movie very well & I don't recall any movie where she has ever disappointed me. However, I think she needs to continue to branch out to play more roles, and explore more options. She deserves a 3.5 of 5 stars for this movie, because she definitely knows what she was doing.

*The makeup, costumes, audio, visual, etc. was alright. Not bad like old naija movies, but nothing spectacular either.

*"Threats are for little girls, i'm stating a fact"- Uche Jombo
*"Dianne, the truth is that you are boring in bed"- Jim Iyke
*"Last time, you introduced me to grandmas, not the cute and cuddly kind"- Jim Iyke
*"These were ugly ass grandmas, those chicks has wrinkles even in their palms"- JIm Iyke
*"It's not even like you move when we do it, you just hang in there, and i do all the work"-Jim Iyke
*"Because one day, i will wake up and you will accuse me of making the sun come out at night"-Uche Jombo

*They had the decency to be under the blankets during the sex scenes & u don't worry about seeing people's private parts; unlike movies like" heart of men" &" foreplay"
*Uche Jombo's character is a smart & powerful woman, even in her marriage. You don't know how tired i am of seeing women in movies being naive when it's so obvious that her husband is cheating.
*The movie had a great cast, and everyone fits their role.
*The escorts were smart enough to have on masks in order to conceal their identity. THAT'S WAS A GREAT IDEA.
*The club was an actual club, with people dancing and having fun. They even had a VIP section.
*Lovely bro/sis relationship.
*The movie had some good suspense; keeps you on the edge of your seat sometimes.

*Jim Iyke's dressing was kinda tacky, someone needed to fix that
*Cliff calls Andrea "Nadia" in the scene where he catches her at an hotel. Directors need to start catching these minor slips, it's happening way too much now.
*The "seduction" scenes were too long, and some of them were really unnecesary
*jim Iyke mentions that being African means that he would want to have sex in the livingroom, diningroom, kitchen, etc. WOW I DID NOT KNOW THAT WAS THE MEANING OF BEING AFRICAN
*The fact that your wife is not passionate in bed is not an excuse to go sleep with every prostitute in town.
*When some" thugs" were supposed to raid a house & destroy it, they only shift one chair & throw some pillows on the floor.  Hmmm i'm really scared now.

&THE UGLY (beware this could have huge spoilers):
*So Jim Iyke accuses his wife of being a prostitute, then turns right around and starts dating a notorious prostitute & then falls in love with her, all the while still being married. Now how does that make any sense?
*This movie really started going off-course. In reality, everything should have been sorted out in the first part1&2, There was need for a sequel at all.
*The movie had the crappiest ending . This movie would have been a "can't get enough" because in the first parts, it was really flowing well, there was a lot of suspense and the writing was really creative. However, the story slowly killed itself as the writer obviously started getting confused & totally forgot what he was writing in the first place. The movie was really long, but still they did not even properly end it. It was like the writer got tired and completely gave up. I hate when writers ruin their work like this; the story had great potential & was one of a kind. The writer also tried to do it Hollywood style by being super mysterious but he completely failed. No questions were answered at all, it just keeps you wondering what the heck was the purpose of this damn movie. An uncompleted train of thought. 

Would i Recommend it?

I definitely do not recommend this movie at all. If you want to watch, na you sabi, but don't say i did not warn you. The first parts" pleasure boosters 1&2" was good, but the sequel was horrible & that is what pissed me off. If you're depressed, do not even attempt this movie, because it might lead to bad thoughts of Nollywood movie. If you're really curious about this flick, then i suggest that you watch it with a couple of friends, not by yourself & definitely not with your parents. If we weren't such  die hard Nollywood fanatic sisters, we would have given up on the industry. So if you're new to waching Naija movies, please do not watch this one first.


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