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Tears of Womanhood 1&2

Written By Chisom A. on Saturday, September 17, 2011 | 1:43 PM


Majid Michel- Dennis
Yvonne Nelson- Khadija
Jackie Appiah- Samira
Psalm Adjeseto- Daniel
Eddie Nartey- David
Kalsum Sinare- Sienna
Nana Hayford-Domfeh- Tessy
Ingrid Alabi- Christine

Producers- Chibunna Ike & Okechukwu Okonkwo
Director- Frank Rajah Arase
Story- Abdul Salam Mumuni

Summary: Samira's aunt, Sienna, is a Muslim who works as a nanny in the household of Mr. Daniel &Mrs. Tessy, who are devout Catholics. Their son David returns from the states & is expected to marry Christine (the daughter of Mr. David's friend). But circumstances change and David falls in love with Samira. Unfortunately, when he comes for his father's blessings, he is immediately disowned & all his ties to the family are cut off due to his engagement to a Muslim. So what does he choose his family or the love of his life? And what does fate have in store for them?
Breaking it down!
Majid Michel: 

First of all...we have to admit that we watched this movie just because I saw his face on the poster. But then unfortunately, he wasn't even the main character. Then why did they make the poster seem like the movie was mostly about him, when the dude barely had any scenes.
But anyway…Even though he is so foiine, his acting skills were lacking in this movie. His lines were so forced & rushed; we had to keep rewinding just to hear what he said. This guy has so much potential & is a great actor. That's why we were so disappointed when we saw this movie. We hope that it was just a bad time for him and not that he's starting to backslide. He's still our favorite ghallywood actor sha & because he at least portrayed the right emotions, we give him a 2.5 of 5 stars.
Yvonne Nelson:

No matter what movie or role she plays, we will always love her. Unfortunately again, she barely had scenes & pretty much only appeared in part two. She's not an excellent actress though, but she's getting there. We love the fact that she can play any type of role, that's definitely a plus. However, she did not really stand out in this movie. She looked confused & uncomfortable, and, she too, rushed her line. Abeg make dem slow down. we give her 2.5out of 10
Jackie Appiah:

 To be honest, i've never seen this girl as a "great actress". We keep watching her movies, just so maybe we can find one where she really portrays her character to the T. Even though they made her the female lead in this flick, it was like she was reciting her line for a primary 5 school drama. She always has the same face & expression for laughing and crying, haba!. Only producing snot & tears does not mean you know how to cry, you actually have to look like it. Her acting was too fake & forced. Just closely watch the scene where she's supposed to be reciting a poem for Psalm Adjeseto, & you will understand what i'm talking about. For her unconvincing acting, i give her a 2 of 5 stars. i've seen her act better than she did in this movie.
Eddie Nartey:

 We must confess that I’ve only seen him in 2 movies. so we were really surprised that he's actually a good actor. He deserved the lead role and i must say that i was proud of him. However, he too does not know how to cry!, some of his scenes were so unconvincing. But overall, he played the role of a dear son & a loving husband well. He should continue acting lead roles & pick other ones that he can be comfortable with. We give him 2.8 of 5 stars.
Nana Hayford-Domfeh:

 As usual, she was a great mother in this movie. She was really believable & really delivered. She spoke smartly & really portrayed how a mother should be if she's forced to choose between her husband and her son. She was the best actor & my favorite person in the movie, and for that, I give her 3 of 5 stars.

&& TheMost Valuable Actor [MVA] for this movie is......Nana Hayford-Domfeh! 

The Gist :
So this movie was straight forward & simple. Son does not want to marry Father's friend's daughter, but chooses a poor Muslim girl, so father disowns him, but in the end it all works out. Most of part one, there's crying everywhere & it was really tiring. The part one was so blah, stretched out & over exaggerated. But then the part two was where some action & interesting parts were. The movie was too cliché for me & I see this storyline everywhere. 
* i really liked Yvonne's character & her attitude in the movie. it brought some light into the flick

General Comments:
*Why do African movies always have a horse ride on a beach to portray romance?
*why are rich African parties in movies so boring? but then in real life, they're the bomb.
*For a shy girl, Jackie's speech was very out there. BTW why was she so serious? Her speech/poem was such a joke to me.
*OMG. Eddie's ex-girlfriend's outfits in the movie were a major fashion faux pax. Horrible dressing and makeup!
*The scene where Majid and Yvonne become friends was too unbelievable. HABA! After all the threats & arguing, they become friends in 2 minutes & start walking hand in hand. It was just too fake.
* JUST WONDERING...why did the doctor say that Majid took a hard hit to the head, when he clearly got hit on his back?
*LMAO. Was Majid really doing sit-ups on his hospital bed? Too funny.
*In this movie, Psalm Adjeseto's acting in this movie was way too annoying. Was just standing around supposed to make him look tough? & it was like he could barely get the words out of his mouth. No offense…But say it don't spray it.

Would i recommend it?
This movie had potential to be great, but the script was not further developed. We give it a "sigh" because the movie could have really been just one part & because the actors were not on their A game. we almost gave up half way through part one because of unnecessary long scenes. This movie is really something you can watch when there's no other movie available, but it wasn't too bad; just disappointing.

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