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Blind Bullet 1&2

Written By Chisom A. on Saturday, September 17, 2011 | 1:58 PM

Nazico Films presents a Uwakwe Egbo Production
Nonso Diobi- Reuben
Emma Ehummadu- Nas
Chika Ike- Promise
Jnr Pope- Roy
Biola Ige

Story- Maxwell Aniekwe Leonard
Director- Nonse Ekene Okonkwo
Producer- Uwakwe Egbo

Summary: Reuben is a killer with a quest to avenge his brother's death who finds nothing but love for a girl, he was supposed to kill. So will she find out who he is, or will he continue to be a mystery in her life.  

Okay so this movie has a good story line, but it was poorly developed. It also left me with so much unanswered questions. So was the client that wanted Nonso to kill Chika family? Who was the man Nonso randomly shot in the restaurant? Why was the Cult members not trying to retaliate, all the people Nonso killed in their group? And so many other questions.

Breaking it Down!
Nonso Diobi:
 *sigh* Where do i begin? This guy acting can be dry at times.He has been in the industry for a while, so i was very disappointed that he had no chemistry in the movie. When he was the killer, i couldn't feel rage; when he was a lover, he did not have any chemistry with Chika.
I was very frustrated with his acting, so i think i am going to lay off his movies for a while. For not portraying the right emotions and having poor acting skills i give him a 1.5 of 5 stars.
Chika Ike:

Her role in this movie was straight forward, and she acted it with flying colors. I loved the way she portrayed her character because not a lot of people can pull it off. I do believe that i want to see her with more hardcore roles, but she has never let me down. For her amazing acting skill, i give her a 2.8 of 5 stars.
Biola Ige:

Of course, she was the bad girl in this movie, but i loved every second of it. She should branch out with her roles, but i do look forward to more of her movies. She is improving but she is not quite there yet. I give her a 2.5 of 5 stars.

Biola's outfit was on point. It was nice and unique.
There was barely any wardrobe, it was ridiculous. It seemed like the movie was produced in a day.

 So i noticed that Biola Ige name was in the begging of the movie, but at the end, in the credit, her name was nowhere to be found. Instead there was a lady "Ifeoma Umeh" that was in the credits, but not in the beggining, and she was not in the movie.

The audio was bad. I could not hear that the actors were saying.
The visual was okay, but nothing spectacular.

Random Comments:
* Names were barely used in the movie!
* In the beginning scene when Nonso shot the guy five times, why was he still rolling around? Na so person dey die?
* Why was the innocent boy that was being targeted sagging? Na new style?
* The Cult members kept having long meetings, but they were showing no actions.
*So after Nonso and Biola finish having sex, he takes a shower, and then puts on the same boxers, pants, and shirt, he just had sex in. ummm ewwwwwwww.
* When Nonso came to kill Chika's family, she could not feel his presence?  I thought blind people are supposed to have a heightened sense of feeling!
*What kind of serial Killer leaves his phone on while on an assignment!
*After Nonso killed Chika's family, his phone rings, he goes outside, come back inside, took chika, and went to his hotel, and then tried to kill her. Did that make sense in his head?
*The action soundtrack was really annoying.
* Nonso was supposed to take Chika to her family in the village, but all they did was go to different villages, and to no avail. They wasted about 15 minutes.
* Isn't Nonso all black outfit making him more obvious; since he's supposed to be secretive & in hiding
* So in the beggining of the movie, Nonso was supposed to kill a guy. Instead he killed the woman sleeping next to the guy and taped a note to her body saying "time is running out". Why didnt he just kill the man he was after: i mean he was sleeping too.
* Why did Nonso stop in the middle of nowhere and go into the bush to smoke? They just wasted another five minutes of my time.
* Chika quickly forgave the man that wiped out her entire family; even as much as to make love to him, right after his confession.

Fave Quotes:
* " I came to have a cold massage on my waste line" Biola Ige
* conversation:
        Chika Ike: "you're so so handsome"
        Nonso Diobi; " well you're so so wrong, because i'm so so ugly"
* " shh shh, i can smell them" Cult member

Would i recommend it?

This move was very useless. Even if it was only two parts, it was short, slow and stupid. I felt like i wasted time, energy, just everything i put into the movie. Maybe if they had used some one other than Nonso, it would have been at least a little watchable. I regret ever watching the movie. I would not recommend the movie, or at least watch at your own risk. It was not an epic fail, but it was a failure.

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