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Drop Of Blood 1&2

Written By NollywoodRave on Friday, July 27, 2012 | 1:40 AM

Onye-Eze Production presents:

The movie is a three part movie, Drop of Blood 1&2 then Mother's Cult 1&2, and the Stone of Tears 1&2. So, it's actually 6 tapes with 2 D.V.D each, bringing it to a total of 12 D.V.Ds. *sigh* Well that was a mouthful.


After years of suffering, death, and unending insults, two mothers, bound with ever lasting friendship decide to put an end to it. When two mothers, Obidiya, and Achalugo are given the opportunities to give their sons all they have always wanted and break the curse of death and poverty, they risk their lives and prove their unending love.Now they got exactly what they wanted,but the future proves to be tougher than it seems.
Genre: Suspence, Drama, Romance, Traditional, Comedy
Directed By: Ernest Obi
Written By: Ernest Obi
© 2012




Chigozie Atuanya


Ernest Obi

Camila Mberekpe
Ada Mazi

Okay, when i first started this movie, i thought it was only two parts, come to find out i had to watch a total of 12 DVDS. I was so reluctant to watch it, i actually stopped a few times but boy am i glad that i went through and finished the movie. Except for the length, which you actually do not really notice, i enjoyed every bit of this movie. There was a lot of comedic scene, there was romance, my fine bobo, Mike grazed my screen combined with the feisty Patience. What normally kills a nollywood movie, which is the length, played a major role in the movie and allowed the script to the fully developed. So as i am awake typing this review at 12:50 A.M i have absolutely no regrets at all.

Breaking It Down!

Patience Ozokwo:
When can you ever go wrong with this lady? I am totally an avid fan of hers (Plus i learnt that her last name is actually Ozokwo not Ozokwor or Ozorkwo, thanks to Twitter account). Anyway, she blew we away. She was so raw and captured every emotion from saddness to happiness to agony. Plus she was hillarious, i'm still smiling sef. I give her 4.5 of 5 stars.
Ngozi Ezeonu:
I love Ngozi Ezeonu and it was nice to see her place a role out of palace queen. Like Patience she blows me away. She was the soft, cry-cry while patience was the fiesty talk-talk. I give her a 4 of 5 stars
Mike Ezuruonye:
Whoop! My fine bobo. I liked his acting. He captured the emotions from suffering to rejoicing to romancing. Kept me glued to my screen...the acting of course. I give him 3.8 of 5 stars.
Chigozie Atuanya:
I do not see a lot of him in movies, and after this one I hope to see him such more. Such raw talent. Everytime he grazed my screen, i just had to smile, he was too much. Please Nollywood Bring back talent like this. I give him 3.5 of 5 stars.

They had a little bit of problems with the audio with the in and out. Sometimes the audion would just cease and then the next scene would be extra loud, but this only occurred in very few scenes. The audio was clear. had it on one constant level throughout.
Clear visual. Not bad, not spectacular either. Just the right amount to enjoy a movie without squinting.
I would love to give a shout out to AKEEM ONILOGBO for the mad special effect make-up. His or Her work was so amazing i was cringing at the site of the wounds. Mad talent right there. So Kudos because she or he did an amazing job. Also the costumer, Ogo Okechi, did an amazing job. Mehn were the characters looking poor when they were and rich where they were. And also *SPOILER* was Mike and Chigozie looking handsome during their wedding scene.
Who ever did the casting for this movie, did a great job. All the characters interactions were amazing, like real life relationships. It was a star studded cast. Even my mane man, the man that always plays dibia or babalawo appeared toward the end). All the minor characters could act to at least some extent. Kudos to the casting director!

Of course they was drama. Between the main character's family and all the other families. Obidiya vs. Ada Mazi. Gabriel vs. Nkechi father. Paul and Gabriel Vs. Azuka. Obidiya, Achalugo, paul, and gabriel vs. everyone in the village. A tale of never ending drama and it is this that spins the story.
When Gabriel falls for Nkechi, it was probably one of the cutest things, but of course she is rich and he is poor. But it wasn't your typical rich vs poor rubbish. It was smooth, different. A breath of fresh air.
This movie was beyond comedic. I have so many memorable quotes and scenes. I laughed so much, my sister kept making me pause my movie to explain what was going on (She didn't want to watch because it had so many parts). 
Juju, *check*
Witchcraft *check*
Revenge *check*
Babalawo *check*
and most importantly, Patience Ozokwo *check*
You cannot not possible predict the end of the movie, no matter how hard you try. You might get some of it but the ending is so unpredictable. I liked it; the twist separated it from other movies with the similar plots. In fact there was even a twist in the twist. In the twist that would have made it like other nollywood movies with a different but annoying movie, there was a twist making it a perfect ending. Catch my drift? 

This is not a genre but i just had to highlight it. it was so nice to see Obidiya and Achalugo be in harmony with each other. Them together has to be the best combination of on screen friendship o have seen. It made me call up my best friend to let her know that we were going to grow old together committing crimes and rejoicing together. Well not really but it did make me go "awww". I loved the relationship. Throughout the movie i prayed they would stay friends and they did. It was too good.
Gabriel and Paul together was a hillarious combination, like one of those relationships everyone wants to have.

Memorable Quotes:
"Cause by the time i finish with you, you will look like a bald headed vulture with diarrhea."

"In the dream he walked up to me and gave me meat...i think it was goat meat"-Achalugo
"You even know the kind of meat. that must the Hunger." -Obidiya

..and the best scene..i even rewinded.
"Accountant"- Paul
"mmmhhh"- Gabriel
"How much shall i give mama Onyeocha"- Paul
"emm since she has been a good mother to us, we'll give her fifty"-Gabriel
"Mu wa. 50 Naira? A ta la'm Nsi" -Achalugo
"Mama Onyeochs don't worry yourself, i will give you hundred"-Paul
"o ga di li gi nma. Thank You nwa'm"- Achalugo
"ehh"- Gabriel
"e kwe lum" -Paul
"That means me too i'll give Nma Nnukwu here hundred" -Gabriel
"ehhh *laugh* Big spender"- Obidiya

 I loved this scene and the realization when Obidiya and Achalugo realize they are talking money in much bigger amounts.

Memorable Scene:
The scene below in the video and the scene after it were my favorite

The scene in Paul and Gabriels home after they run into quiet some cash from the oyinbo man.

Would i Recommend it?
Most Definitely i would. Do not mind the length, just enjoy it at your own pace, it is worth it. Those hours of my life watching this movie were well spent. 

Now before i end this review i have only two questions.
1) Where in the world does Nollywood bring their Onyinbo's from.
2) Where did they bring the character that played Nkechi, Gabriel's love interest from?

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  1. Hi,

    This is GigiChiny from Twitter.

    Thanks for the review. I have just seen the first 2 (Drop of Blood and Mother's Cult). Did not want to look for the third. However, because of your review, I will now look for it.

    BTW, Ernest Obi was hilarious as Azuka. I was ROFL whenever he appeared on screen.

    Once again, thank you so much for the review.

  2. No problems. You will like it.
    Yes Ernest had me laughing so hard, it was crazy. The fight between Gabriel, paul, and Azuka were hillarious


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