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Why Marry

Written By Chisom A. on Thursday, December 29, 2011 | 6:01 PM

Majid Michel- William
Yvonne Okoro- Janice

Story & Director: Frank Rajah Arase
Producer: John A. Dada

                                                                        Rating: C-

Why Marry is a two cast movie that goes over the problems people often face in a marriage. Mixed with a little humor, William and Janice tell us the story of their love, how it went wrong, and how, if they did, fixed it.

Breaking it down!


Majid Michel: One thing i cannot stand are actors that over act. You know the forcing of words, overexxagerated hand movements and the likes really piss me off. That is what Majid did through out the movie. The role calls for a little over forcing, but i do not feel that Majid was the best to play the role. Nevertheless, he is still a good actor. I give him a 6.9 out of 10.

Yvonne Okoro: Yvonne is a little dry to me, but this movie she actually tried. im tired of seeing her in boring roles, im ready to see her go outside her comfort zone. She was the regular Yvonne, meaning i do not even remember her scenes. I rate her a 5 out of 10.

Visual/ Audio/ Fashion
Honestly, i do not remember much about this movie. Right after i started watching it, i was already ready to finish. Conseidering that it is a new movie i will assume that the visual should be good. As far as fashion goes, i did not see any outfit worth talking about.

The Gist:
We all know that Frank Rajah is know for stealing storylines from other movies, so of course i was not surprised that he stole this one too. This time Frank Stole "Why Marry" from a yoruba movie called "Modupe Temi." I am so tired of this man stealing storylines.

The Good
I liked the idea behind the movie, it was supposed to be simple and straight to the point. It was definetely different from all the other movies in Nollywood or Ghallywood. I LOVED the soundtrack of the movie, i think that was the highlight of the whole movie to me.

The Bad
So there was a scene that Majid is sneeking into the kitchen to steal food from the pot because he was tired of fasting. And during that scene i noticed a sound effect noise. I thought i was hearing things but as the movie progresses, there are more sound effects. Like dum dum dum, doooooooopppp, Tom and Jerry type things. It was beyound frustrating. This is not no kiddie show, we are adults! if i wanted to hear sound effect, i would rent a cartoon.

The Ugly
It was bad enough that the storyline was stolen, but Frank did not even make it better. This movie is a frajile one and in weak hands, it could go sour. The casting was not right enough, im thinking Nollywood veterans, as in Ramsey or Mike, or Jim with Monalisa or Genevieve or Rita, would have been a better choice.
I got disinterested in the movie really fast and turned off. This one did not work out in favor of Frank.

Favorite Quotes:

1. "The Next time you want a bigger suprise, why dont you pay the bill" - Majid
2. " 8,000 ghanacedis just went through your body and now you want to shit it out..in less that 15 Minutes" - Majid

Was it Just me or...
... was the scene in the bathroom where we see Majid's butt absolutely unnecessary.
...was the ending of the movie was of the things that killed the whole movie.

Would i recommend it?
If not that i liked the whole idea behind the storyline i would have trashed this movie. It is watchable but i would not put it at the top of my list. This is one of the movies that you might just be bored and happen to the be stuck watching it. The movie could have been a lot better that it was.

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1 comment:

  1. Hi Chi,

    You're absolutely brave to review this movie, I never survived it.
    It was beyond incoherent...


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