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Timeless Passion 1&2

Written By Chisom A. on Thursday, December 29, 2011 | 11:44 PM

The sequel to Timeless Passion is Passionate Heart

Mildred is a recent widow that returned to Nigeria to mourn the death of her husband. Unfortunately, her husband family believes she killed her husband and will stop at nothing to ruin her life. With her relatives down her neck, her passport seized, and her daughter running amok, Mildred finally finds solace in the hands of a mysterious man, Andrew. Now her sister in-law will stop at nothing until she has Andrew to herself.

Directed By: Desmond Elliot
Witten By: Maggi Ikem & Emem Isong


Uche Jombo

Ramsey Nouah

Desmond Elliot

Monalisa Chinda

Chisom Oz-Lee

Susan Peters

Introducing Uru Eke
as Jessica

I loved this movie. When i first saw the trailer, i knew that this movie was IT. I had finally found the movie that would remove all the bad memories of the horrible movies i saw in 2011. In the trailer, there's a scene that Ramsey is kneeling at the altar in church and he is screaming for the Lord's help. Lord knows I was coveting in church. Chai!He just looked so beautiful praying. But anyway i also liked the movie because of the wonderful cast, the director, the producer, the script. Everything was just PERFECT. I have to say though the ending shocked me out of my seat, but it did not fall flat. The ending was very unpredictable and simple. It was very realistic in a weird way. It is clean, cursing free, no pornographic scenes. It is also a feel good movie and a good watch for the whole family. I am positive that you will enjoy it too.

Breaking it Down!
Ramsey Nouah:
Okay, here we go again with Ramsey! Its nothing new how much i love and respect this man! omo did bobo is three much. He was fluent, very graceful, played his role to the T. i give him 4 of 5 Stars.
Uche Jombo:
Uche was the typical yelling, screaming, out for revenge girl. I loved every minute of it. She can never seize to amaze me. She yelled, she screamed, she was jealous, outraged, and i was amazed. I give her an 4 of 5 Stars.
Monalisa Chinda:
Monalisa was good. She was quiet and played the part of the "unfortunate widow" very well. I also think that she was the best bet for this role. I give her a 3.5 of 5 stars.
Chisom Oz-Lee:
I saw so much of myself in her character. She was the fiesty, tough, troublesome sister in-law. I loved it! She was great, she was loud, she can talk. I give her a 3.3 of 5 stars.

Uru Eke:
First, i loved her accent. She was real, she was a new fresh face that i was yearning for. On top of the fact that she was new, she has raw talent. She was the loose and rebellious teenager that was trying to find her place in the world...I give her a 3.3 of 5 stars.

The Visual was great, it was clear and bright.
The Audio, this i had a little trouble with. I had to keep tuning up and down because some scenes where too loud ( when the characters where fighting) and other too low ( scenes between Monalisa and Ramsey or Uru Eke and her friend.)
I liked the fashion. First of all, Ramsey looked fooiiinne in his all white outfit. Monalisa was portrayed to be a real widow by the long gowns. Uru Eke's outfits screamed rebellious. Chisom and Uche's oufit fits amoebo ( *translation* shakara, big babes).
You can never go wrong with an Emem Isong cast. This lady always gather the best of the best, so even if the story line is a little weak, the actors help recover that a tad bit. In this case, it was a great story line combined with a great cast

The Movie was a simple and cute romance. I actually liked the sweetness and what Ramsey was willing to give up for Monalisa. It just shows everyone that even when you want to give up, there is someone out there willing to help raise you up.
This movie was hilarious. Chisom mixed with Uche is just a recipe for laughing gas. All the drama going on had a little comic mixed in. The movie had a serious vibe to the story line but they found a way to weave in a little comedy to give the feeling of warmheartedness.
You can bet that there is drama. There is drama between Monalisa and her In-laws. Monalisa and Chisom. Monalisa and Uche. Uru Eke and herself. Andrew and Himself. and so much more.

General Comments:
....Was the ending totally unpredictable.
....Was i the only one sinning by looking at Ramsey during the church scene.
.... Did Chisom remind me of Biola Ige ( but better) in some scenes.
..... Was i the only one foolishly grinning when Ramsey graced my t.v in the first scene.

Most Memorable Quotes:
1. "There is no stopping the fact that you are a complete Nigerian. The sooner you begin to realize to appreciate your country, the better for you." - Monalisa
2. " If i did know better, i would have thought it was bad food that killed my brother" - Chisom to Monalisa.
3. "If you try that one more time, i will eat you alive" - Chisom
4. " I told you to let me kidnap this woman" - Uche to Chisom
5. "Nobody leaves this house until you confess to my brother's death" -Chisom to Monalisa
6. " I must have mistakenly locked the door to the room, perhaps there is someone in there" - Chisom to Andrew

Would I recommend it?
I have only three words to say and they are... GRAB YOUR COPIES

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