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You Known You are a Nigerian when...

Written By Chisom A. on Friday, September 16, 2011 | 11:25 PM

So one day i was on twitter when a certain post caught my eye. It was one of my "follows" doing this trend called 'You Know you are a damn Nigerian". I started reading and i was hooked o! Den i kon remember one time when me and my sister dey surf the web & we ran into a post similar to the girl's on twitter. I knew i had to blog about it, and i hope you enjoy, so here it is.

1.  If a Naija man ever try to sweet talk you.
2.  If you have to call elders you do not know 'Uncle or Aunty'.
3.  If when the light come on you shout, up Nepa!
4  .If when you are around other Nigerians, your accent suddenly becomes thicker.

5.  If you have a lot of relatives in London.
6.  If you parents have a sterotype about another Nigerian Tribe.
7.  If when you were little, you were ever flogged by someone who was not your parent or relation.
8.  If not being able to cook soup or stew is a disgrace
9.  If you get slapped or yelled at for handing things to your elders with your left hand.
10. If you attend or have attended a Nigerian only church.
11.  If you can hear you parents talking on the phone from outside.
12. If a sunday meal is nothing without rice.
13. If you know what AKATA means
14. If you arrive at an African party three hours late and they are still just getting started.
15. If not properly greeting an elder has landed you in trouble.
16. If you have ever hears you elder use the phrase "when i was your age" or "children of nowadays"
17. If your parents tell you you HAVE too marry a Nigerian person, maybe even from their village.
18. If Nigeria comes on the news you go and turn up the volume on the T.v.
19. If you know what "nyash" means
20.If your parents address you as "my child" one moment, and "foolish girl" or "idiot" the next.
21. If you have ever seen a white person and yelled "oyibo"
22. If you have ever had yam and palm oil
23. If you call every noodles "indomie'
24. If you know who Genevieve Nnaji is
25. If you were ever sent out to pick out the cain you will be flogged with.
26. If you ever had your ear pulled for asking a question
27. If you used to stop by the streets to buy sugarcane.
28. If you recycle butter, or ice cream containers
29. If you ever had to kneel down and raise your hand
30. If you go to the store and your parents start talking about a person's outfit or hairstyle, really loudly, and cussing then in your language.
31. If someone tells you "waka" you say "shege"
32. If your parents ever called you tatafo
32. If you parents watch the news about a American teen, they say "you see what i am sayin"
33. If your parents say phrases like "chei" "chineke" and so.on
34. If you were flogged in primary or secondary school.
35. If you know what "ashawo" means
36. If you call every cereal CornFlakes
37. If you smoke garri.
38. If you parents ever compare you to your age mates in the village
39. If your parents want you to be a doctor, lawyer, or nurse.
40. If your parents brag about your accomplishments to their friends.
41. If rice and stew is nothing without Plantain.

**** Don't Forget to add yours!

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1 comment:

  1. lmao..I did not know we "smoke" garri...but then again, that is the best way to say it.

    I think you covered it all really. Well done


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