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Memories of my Heart 1&2

Written By Chisom A. on Saturday, September 17, 2011 | 1:24 PM

An Emem Isong & Ini Edo Production Presents 


Banky is a billionaire who loses his memory. Dr. Dammy is a therapist assigned to help him regain his memory, but while on duty she fall in love with him, and him with her. They establish a relationship and everything is going great until she find his diary. His diary reveals his secret-filled life along with a long lost love. so what happens next, Will his past catch up with his present, and will their relationship stand the test of time? 

Genre: Romance, Drama, Suspence, Comedy
Directed by: Desmond Elliot
Written by: Uyai Ikpe Etim



Ramsey Nouah
Banky Da Silva                                           

Ini Edo

Desmond Elliot

Uche Jombo

Monalisa Chinda

Ali Nuhu

Nse Ikpe Etim
Dr. Dammy

Kofi Adjorlolo

Chief Da Silva 

Breaking it down!
Ramsey Nouah:

What can i say? This guy ability to covey and apply every emotion needed is three much. Biko i bow o. He is such a talented actor and is definitely the best male actor in Nollywood. He has been acting for a very long time, and you can never go wrong with most of his movies; I am always so proud of him ( it doesn't hurt that he's good eye candy). Although his accent in the movie constantly switched from a British one to a Nigerian one, his acting is flawless. I give him a 4 of 5 stars.
Ini Edo:
This girl was utterly and completely amazing. I've always known that she's a good actress, but with this movie, she went above and beyond. She knew how to deliver her lines & actually express the right emotions. She did not have any fake accents'; she was completely NIGERIAN & we love her for that. Any one that does not like this girl will definitely fall in love with her after watching this movie. Because we felt like her scenes were her actually her real life, we give her a 4 of 5 stars.
Nse Ikpe Etim:
Even though i have not seen a lot of her movies, she a really talented actress. She did a good job in the movie & i like her natural look. Although there were times her acting became stiff & we couldn't tell what emotion she was trying to portray. This lady is definitely going places & i will continue to look out for more of her movies. I give her a 3 out of 5 stars.

Thank goodness, there was no extra loud music over the talking. We could also actually hear the actors talking! I can not express my gratefulness enough. However, I have noticed that these days, when nollywood movies wanted to change scenes, there's always a loud "swoosh" sound. It gets annoying, especially when nothing significant is about to happen.

The camera crew did an amazing job. Not once did i feel the need to strain my eyes for any reason at all.  It felt like we were watching a bollywood movie. This shows improvement- I am very proud. Overall props to the editor- Uche AlexMoore for a job well done.
 I do not recall any fashion faux pax in this movie. All oufits and makeup were in check. So don't worry, you actually get to watch & enjoy this movie without stressing over why the girls have on excess makeup or why they're practically naked.
Thumbs up to Uche Nancy!

Emem Isong also did a great job. Casting is a very important job because a bad cast will kill a perfectly written script. Every actor was placed in the right spots. Even actors with just three lines knew what they were doing. But i still don't understand why Kofi was Ramsey's dad, they were such contrasting colors. well unless if his mom was supposed to be really light skinned...just saying.

The Romance:
"Aaawww!" is literally what you're going to say throughout every romance scene. Ramsey Nouah had great chemistry with both women. He actually took Nse to the movies for their date, how cute!, We really don't see much of that in Naija movies. 
The Drama:
The conflicts in this movie had me glued to the screen wondering how or when would he get his memory back; or how his past life would intervene with his present one.
The comedy:
Ini Edo's accent and conversation with Uche Jombo had us bawling on the floor laughing. The movie had a great level of comedy unlike other movies that they try to put so much of the comedy aspects, that it ruins the movie.

The Good:
This was definitely not a low budget movie; everything was actually thought out. To top that, there was NO "End of memories of the heart!". IT ONLY HAD A PART 1&2, unlike those other movies with prequels and sequels. You will not get tired of watching this movie at all, I really can't get enough of it! Their eye for the little details really blew me away- For example, the Newspaper page- talk about being legit.
The Bad:
I only have two complaints! One, Ali Nuhu is way to young to be cast as an Alaji and he did not nail the scene as he should have. Two, The way Ramsey regained his memory was a bit disappointing. It was so fast, Haba! Na so?
The Ugly:
I have none! Do you?

General comments:
*Ali Nuhu has potential to be a great actor, but he still has a very long way to go, but he's making progress sha.
*Emeka's "rich man" walk, as if he had sh*t in his trousers.
*When Ali Nuhu was on the phone in Desmond's office, I actually thought he was supposed to be a bad audition & that he would not get the part. ooops!, it was an actual scene. that says a lot about the way he deliers his lines.
*Truth is.. I cannot stand Kofi 's acting & the way he talks.
*Why was Nse starting to sneak around just to read Ramsey's diary? I mean the dude lost his memory & does not remember having a diary, so why didn't she just act like it was her own book? Look at her sneaking into the bathroom to read the diary when there's nothing wrong with using the bathroom at night. That's how girls start ruining their own relationships.
*This movie had lots of funny scenes! 
*Emeka received a very hot slap oh. Lord have mercy!

Most memorable quotes: 

"Chineke meh! Do you know that i have ended my whole career with my own hand"- Ini to Uche.

" Hallelujah dey sleep or nah bros me that?"- Emeka to Uche.

"Why you dey gossip like woman, Ashiri"- Uche to Emeka

"I just heard myself saying that you are umm my fiancee"- Ini to Ramsey

"Honey you are the best, where have you been all my life" Ramsey to Nse (awww how cute)

"That makes us incompetent for hiring incompetent fools, wouldn't you say"- Ramsey to Kofi

 Ini says:"i don't know where this will lead us", then Ramsey says"don't worry, just follow my lead" (too cute)

"You mean you're not gay?, you could've fooled me"- Nse to her male colleague.

"Haha i didn't know i have a girlfriend, talk much of a fiancee"- Ramsey.

Would I recommend it? 

The script was very well written. The plot was captivating & not easily predictable; you will literally regret leaving your seat.There was absolutely no prolonged scenes, it was like a hollywood movie, brief & staight to the point. This movie actually had a rising action, a climax & a resolution! Can you imagine that? We really wish more writers would start being creative like this, but not to go too much out of the box so that it would not be degrading to our culture. Uyai Ikpe Etim needs to continue writing..enough said. 
Overall, i highly recommend this movie. It had comedy, drama, suspense & was very romantic. It is a breath of fresh air compared to other new nollywood movies. The story was great, the production was awesome & the actors were incredible. I highly suggest you give it a try, you will not regret it.
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  1. Yes, my thoughts exactly I swear! How come Ramsey's dad was so dark? In contrast to his very light-skinned self?
    Yes! Lmao! That Emeka guy was too funny abeg! I cracked up seriously in the scene with him and UJ!
    Oh yes yes! I also had a chuckle when Nse told her friend 'you mean ur not gay?' Lmao!
    The movie kinda let us know they'd end up together, cause of that scene he hugged her and was somewhat carried away, started smooching her lightly and said "thanks for the hug" lol!
    You're very good with the critical analysis! A job weldone!

  2. I just finished this movie...I love it sooooo much!!! everyone was funny one way or the other!! I am really starting to love Nollywood...

  3. When i saw this movie, i fell in love all over again. Nollywood has great movies, it's just the few bad ones that people tend to dwell on. Its amazing that Nollywood is winning you over. Another NOLLYWOODRAVER! Whoop!


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