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Written By NollywoodRave on Friday, June 28, 2013 | 12:13 AM

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Synopsis: A deeply in love young couple face resistance from family and friends who all have their own ulterior motives in keeping the pair apart and will go to any length necessary to do so.

Genre: Romance, Drama
Directed By: Uzee Madubuogu
Written By: Prince Edeh
Language: English


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Ebube Nwagbo as Avelina                               Artus Frank as Jeff

Happy A. Uchendu as Stephanie

First of all, I would like to say..I am NollywoodRave and i survived this movie. I mean no matter how many movies i watch to change my opinion of Artus Frank, he fails every time. I therefor boycott his movies from my life. As excited as i was to see the return of Ebube, the girl fall hand sha. I was disappointed in her pick for the movie, i believe that she should take more risk and challenge herself. This movie was a poor excuse and should not even call it a movie..we should call it a home video. They had the idea but they did not know how to develop it. It felt rushed and it didn't flow. They were scenes that interrupted continuous scenes. For example, Artus and Ebube could be talking then the next scene would be the next day, followed by the last scene of Artus and Ebube talking.

Breaking it Down:
Ebube Nwagbo:
I did not like her in this movie. There were some parts she couldn't capture, and others she over did. This is not the same actress i know, or maybe the movie was not enough challenge to her but i was not happy with her performance. 2/5 Stars

Artus Frank:
Sigh. Groan. Ughhh. I am done.
He is either so stiff or over acting the hell out of his life. Every time i iterate my dislike for Artus, there is always someone ready to defend him and to tell me that he is actually a great actor. But i am yet to see it and until then, he remains a poor actor in my point of view. 1/5 Star

Happy A. Uchendu:
Every time she graced my screen, i asked myself a very important question. Who Hired her?

Lucy Ameh stars as Matilda, the housemaid, in this movie. She was the highlight of the entire movie, and that goes a long way since she was not even a major character.

Visual/ Audio/ Casting:
The movie looked like something filmed on a personal camera. Not even a camcorder. A camera.
I had to strain to hear what they were saying and the casting was a poor choice.

The romance was not developed. There was no connection between the supposed lovers. The plot overpowered the main theme of the whole story.

I cringed in pain. I laughed at mistakes but i definitely did not laugh in joy.

NR Says:
- When then uncles plan to kill him, there's one that doesn't support them, yet he attends all their meeting and plots to kill the boy. And i'm here thinking to myself, First, why the hell did he not warn Artus? or why didn't the other uncles kill him?

Memorable Quotes:
"Na only you go America...Just because you were schooled in London"
    *Please Naija learn geography ehhhh?

"What did Jeff saw in her that he did not saw in me."
Memorable Scene:
When Artus attempts to chase Ebube, he quickly writes her a note in his vehicle. Keyword QUICKLY. As in not even a minute to write the note. But when Ebube reads it, it is this long essay. I just Wonder, How did he write all of that in that minute?

A scene was out of order: Ebube sends the food, next day goes by, then the scene continues and they eat.

NR Says:
-Nollywood editors need to pay more attention to actors names and how they spell it.
- The Bad boys of nowadays kill me, they just look like hungry, shriveled up, jobless graduates. Remember when it used to be Gentle Jack? Don Capone? Jim Iyke?

Would I recommend it?
No. Not at all. It felt like one of those daytime shows-drawn out, over dramatic, and pointless.  Don't watch to pass time. Don't Watch for Eye Candy. Just look, pass am by.

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  1. Noooo you should see diamond kingdom, he's not that bad in that one. And trust me, this is coming from someone who would rather down vinegar than sit through one part of a Frank Artus movie but that one was fair


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