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Ways of the heart 1 & 2

Written By NollywoodRave on Saturday, September 29, 2012 | 12:35 PM

A Joshua/ Pedro Evoh production Presents


"Love could be sweet and also painful when it faces reality, but the one thing that makes it love is it's unchangeable character no matter the situation"

Oluchi is a beautiful maiden betrothed to Amobi from birth, it was as if their fate was destined. Very much in love, Amobi is willing to anything for Oluchi. The chance comes when Okosisi, a wealthy man, accuses Oluchi of an abomination due to the fact that she refused his proposal for her hand in marriage. Life is tested, Gods are defied, and above all what a man can do for true love is revealed.

Genre: Romance, Traditional, Comedy, Drama
Directed By: Ekenna Udo- Igwe
Written By: Cyril Kemas Ndim
© 2005

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Nkiru Sylvanus

Chiwetalu Agu


Bruno Iwoha

This movie was everything i want in a Nollywood film. it included Romance, comedy, drama, and most of all tradition portrayed in the right way. For Example, in the recent Nigerian movies, the "royal kingdom" seems to the set in a city. This films pans around where love can take a couple. When i began this movie, it was with the family so i prayed that they would keep it clean. It is a decent portrayal of love at its best, hilarious friendship, and an old man who can't seem to get over himself. very and truly enjoyable especially if you are entertaining Nigerian Guests. The kind a family can come together and watch. The kind that gets a female wondering if her man is just like that. men watch out...you just might receive a series of questioning.I loved the way they captured real tradition back then and applied in in 2005, including the dressing. Go grab your copies!

Breaking it Down!
Muna Obiekwe:
As the year progresses, he seems to make the poorest movie choices ranging from soft porn to a gay sex role. So it was nice to see a movie with his head screw on right. After acting movies like Eyes of the God, Eagle's bride, The Wrong One, Clash of Destiny, He lives in Me i wonder why the bad choices. Is the Industry really that Bad? It was nice to see My Muna back, i give him 4 of 5 stars.
Nkiru Sylvanus:
Mu cry cry babe na. It was nice to see her, of course back crying and suffering- nothing out of the ordinary. I give her a 3.8 out of 5
Chiwetalu Agu:
Chiwetalu's character throughout this movie was just horny. Going aroung chasing females the same age as his daughter, very disgusting. But he played his role to the T. i give him a 4.5 of 5

The audio was very loud, felt like i was in a theater.
The visual was great but it also makes me realize how far we have come in visual. See computer generated skeleton. LOL. My nollywood! At the end of Part 1 was the part 2 Preview...those days of "This is just the Beginning" and previews that had no end. Gotta love it
Costume/ Make-up:
Loved it, very realistic. The commoners were wearing cheap cloth, not the recent nonsense in royal movies that the poor maiden will the wearing expensive looking ankara. For wia!? 
They actually died Azuka's hair to represent the change in time...Someone say legit? 
Kudos to Harrieth Orisakwe (Make-up) and Lizzy Ogbodo (costumier).
The casting for the movie was a positive on their end, It really brought life to the story line. 

This movie had some comedic moment, especially with Amobi's friend, chima, and his love life.
Romance takes up more than 70% of the movie genre. It revolved aroung Amobi's and Oluchi's romance, but in the background there's also relationships with minor characters. It was very realistic like the way Amobi's face would light up whenever he saw Oluchi, or the exchange of sacrifice. Me ehhh i no dey play with life.
This movie contains traditions that are long forgotten, the time befor the "onye ocha" came and banished it all. For example, the massive punishments for minimal crime. Do you know how many of us would have been put to death due to sex before marriage? This was tradition at its best. 
The drama was a huge one with unpredictable twists and turns. It revolves around greed and how far a man would go for his own selfish ambition, even ruining the lives of anyone that crosses his path. 

Memorable Quotes:
"Think about my proposal, i'll come back to pick her up as a wife." - Okosisi
"Chinelo, why haven't you told me that you husband is suffering from insanity, or are you not aware of the fact that he is mad?"- Amadi's Dad
-"Do You want Okwu to Strike you dead?"
- "i am already dead" *Awwww*

Favorite Scene:
I still laugh think about this scene. I remember when i was trying to find this movie, that was the only line i remembered since 6 years ago. So after the unfortunate circumstance between Amobi, Oluchi, and the gods, and the twist, Ogechi, Amobi's friend's girlfriend, decides to question him on what he would do if it was her the God's were accusing.
* the quote is of course edited because i do not want to give the twist away.*
"Chima, i've been willing to ask you, if you and i were in this situation will you be able to do what Amobi did" -Ogechi
"An no oh. Thats a big Can't. look i like my life. Ah oge see, i can manage to give you bush meat anytime i go hunting, but not to do what Amobi did, not for you or anyone else." - Chima
Lol no hesitation

Would I recommend it?
Yes O ! A great family watch. Go and Grab your copies.

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  1. it's an older movie but it was refreshing to see the old muna


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