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B*tching at Who???

Written By Chisom A. on Friday, January 13, 2012 | 10:21 PM

A Whole Me?
You dared to open your mouth...roll out your tongue...and let the B word slip out?
You Must be mad!

I am a lady and every lady has her place, i know that. One of our expected manners is to obey and respect our boyfriends, fiancees, husband, baby daddy, and so on., as men. But one thing i will not stand for is to be degraded by a man. I do not care how hot you are, how sexy your voice is, how much i love you, the day that a man opens his mouth to call me a B*tch is the day he looses his manhood. I will show that man peppe, e no go sabi weytin hit am ( I will deal with him, he won't know what hit him.) My parents gave me a name so that everyone will have something to call me by. We have names so people wont't have to shout "hey you" or "you there" and definitely not "B*tch".

The reason for my post?
I was on the phone with a friend and her usual "boyfriend", when he called her his B*tch. And all she did was laugh it off. I was so shocked, i thought i was the only one who heard it. I was thinking to myself, either this man is mad, or my friend got stupid overnight. If it was me, i would have put my friend on hold and switched over to the other line to cuss his ass out. You are not about to speak to me like that and DEFINITELY not in front of my friends.

Stupid reasons?
"But i love him"
Which kind of love is this?
That a man is degrading you..is that how people now show their loves? First he will be calling you names, then later he will start treating you like one, and then he will begin to use you as a punching bag. Most violent relationships start with a little cuss word.
For example, a man introduces his girl to his friend as his b*tch or shawty or Ho, and you still want to be his girl. This means you are probably nothing but another piece of property to him. Abeg pack your bags and waka. A man does not deserve you if he will not treat you like the Queen you are.

Let one man just try it with me. Not only will i leave him, i will disgrace him and walk away after making sure he has gotten the message. After all we did not go through our "women rights fights," to end up as a property to men. Let be real now, do you really want to date a man who has no respect for your status as a woman?

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  1. It's just sad how women allow themselves to be degraded by men.

  2. Nicely written. Last sentence, "do [you] really..." the word "you" is missing.

    I agree absolutely. Love ko, love ni

  3. LMAOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fire on!!! Never has and never will a man use the "B" word on me.


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