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The problem in Nollywood

Written By Chisom A. on Saturday, November 19, 2011 | 7:34 PM

I am so tired of hearing all the criticism on Nollywood. Yes, Nollywood has a lot of problems, but enough is enough.  I hear "ooo Nollywood is so poor", "why is there bad visual", "why is the script so stupid", "why is Bollywood better than Nollywood!" Why, Why, Why, is all i hear. If we are so tired of this Nollywood, why don't you get up and change it.
I admit i love Nollywood a lot, but as of recently, its been failing for me. What i mean is that, the Nollywood i used to know and love is being wiped away and replaced with stupid storylines and actors that need to be reeducated. I too complain about Nollywood, but i feel that when others complain about Nolly, they are being baised. They expect Nollywood to be much like other "-llywoods". They want Nolly to be more high-tech, and to be able to grow so much in a little about of time

The two main industry that is being compared to Nollywood are Hollywood and Bollywood. I was recently hooked on Bollywood movies (indian movies) by Nollwood Reinvented, and i grew to love the movies.

In Bollywood:
The visuals were great, the story lines were good, the actors were good, but i still saw some of the same problems people see in Nollywood Movies. First, i saw a lot of repeated story lines: the arranged marriage, the father does not want his daughter to marry this man, the father forbids the marriage...and so on.
***isn't this just like the repeated Royal story lines in Nollywood?
Some of the actors/actresses were not as talented as they should be. There were some people that I just could not wait for their dialogues to finish.
***Isn't this what we complain about in Nollywood?

In Hollywood:
There is absolutely no reason that anyone should be comparing Nolly to Holly. Its kind of similar to comparing Nigeria's government to that of America. Hollywood has far more technologies, money budgets, and connections in order to make a movie. Just think about how America fly to other countries just to make the scenery look realistic. Can Nollywood afford that? Are we even given a chance by other countries to travel?

The real Problem
The real problem in Nollywood comes from the industry itself. Before Nollywood can reach anywhere, we have to correct the problem from within. I have a lot to say, but let me just list a few things.
The fact that we believe in QUANTITY over QUALITY. Our producers brag about how many days it took them to shoot a movie, when in reality they should not be proud. Now imagine if we choose quality over quantity.
First, there would not be as much piracy of our movies, because there would not be so much out in a year. Nollywood produces about a 1000 movies a year, and about a fourth of that can come from the same director/producer. If we limited our movies and ensured better quality, we would be getting a lot more credit than we are now. Nollywood should have LEGIT premieres for the movies, one for the cast/ crew, and another for the fans that want to see the movie.
The new nollywood is crap and absolutely pure crap. Sure we got producers like Emem Isong, Desmond Elliot, and Tchidi Chikere, striving for a better nollywood, but its not enough. We have producers coming out of no where, with useless prostitute or drop out, hungry looking actors trying to represent Nollywood. This is not flying for me. Someone need to feed them and keep them out of Nollywood.

Not every single movie produced should be allowed to be released in the market. I honestly believe that there should be a board of committee that should approve of the movies we choose to represent Nollywood.

 We need new actors and actresses, not the ones that will do any thing to get screen time, but the ones with a passion for art. Seeing movies with all unknowns, especially the ones with a useless plot and stupid actresses, really pisses me off.

To sum it all up, If i ever meet this recent directors, producers, and actors that are giving nollywood a bad name, i will show them pepper. I really hate to see Nollywood crashing like this. It really hurt to see something you love and brag about to people, mess up like this. I've been laying off of Nollywood for a while because i do not want high blood pressure. All the good movies right now are being shown in cinemas, like Damage, Kiss and Tell, I'll Take My Chances, Two Brides and a Baby, and so much more. There are also some good straight to package releases coming out, but make sure you are careful of what you buy.

I am not trying to criticize Nollywood...wait, Yes i am. But at least Im just criticizing without comparing. Until we fix the problem within, we will continue to have faults and cracks in the industry. We need to be careful as to what we choose to represent Nollywood, because you never know who might be watching

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  1. OK! i've never watched one of those...and from the look of it i am happy i didn't. i wish people would stop complaining about the same stories. i love royal stories maybe i am knew to nollywood but i love them really.

  2. It's not more about the same stories, it's more of recycled scripts. I still love Royal movies, i am just more hesitant. There was a period when 4 out of every 5 movies produced was a royal movie and it was the same scripts, in which the prince to be fell in love with a maid.

  3. LOL...Ok in that case!!! Someone should tell them that it's ok for a prince to fall in love with a princess


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